Blood test that detects 50 types of cancer

A simple blood test that can detect more than 50 types of cancer is to be piloted by NHS England in the autumn. The test identifies circulating free DNA (cfDNA) from cancer before any clinical signs or symptoms of the disease emerge. It is hoped it will eventually become a screening test for the early […]

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Kidney cancer screening pilot piggybacking on Leeds Lung Health Check

Following a chance finding during a lung health screen, a Leeds man discovered that he had kidney cancer. After being spotted early, the cancer was successfully removed. People taking part in a pioneering lung screening trial in Leeds will now also be checked for kidney cancer following additional funding from Yorkshire Cancer Research. This pilot […]

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Potential screening blood test for early kidney cancer

Researchers at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, USA have used a DNA-sequencing blood test to identify some of the earliest signs of kidney cancer, for which a reliable screening test is not yet available. The researchers analysed sequences of DNA and tagged certain pieces of genetic code with molecules that alter their function. In […]

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NHS to update technology

The Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, has announced major plans to overhaul NHS technology. This includes ambitious improvements to general practice IT to enable patients to access health services online and through their phones, and more support for NHS Trusts to improve cyber security. The new plan will mean supplying cloud-based, modern systems that can share […]

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Almost half of all kidney cancer patients initially misdiagnosed

The results of the annual Kidney Cancer UK patient survey have been published in PharmaTimes and show that in 45% of patients surveyed the disease was first mistaken for less serious conditions such as a urine infection, kidney stones or respiratory problems. Also, almost half of the patients surveyed (48%) were diagnosed with the later […]

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