Rupture of kidney cysts during nephrectomy does not spread cancer

A recent paper, published in Journal of Urology, has shown that there were no local or metastatic recurrences of kidney cancer in a group of patients where there was rupture of a cyst in a malignant tumour during surgery to remove the part of the kidney containing the tumour (partial nephrectomy). The researchers concluded that […]

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Outcomes after cryoablation versus nephrectomy

Percutaneous cryoablation (cryotherapy) is emerging as an alternative to partial nephrectomy (PN) for the removal of small, single kidney tumours while conserving kidney function (nephron-sparing). A new study provides support for cryotherapy, finding no significant differences in the risk for complications, kidney function, and cancer control outcomes compared with partial nephrectomy. The investigators suggested that […]

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Robotic surgery for kidney cancer – less pain and faster healing times

Robot assisted surgery (RAS) is becoming more widely used in the UK for urology operations, such as removal of the prostate gland (prostatectomy) and partial nephrectomy. There are now more than 60 da Vinci robots in British hospitals – you can locate the nearest robot to you by visiting the da Vinci surgery website. The […]

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