Survey finds kidney cancer patients face anxiety over delayed scan results

A survey by Kidney Cancer UK involving 77 kidney cancer patients found that up to 85% are suffering from ‘scanxiety’ and that 66% of patients are waiting at least three weeks after their scan while 20% are waiting for eight weeks or longer for their results. The survey also found that almost half of all […]

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Potential role for routine brain imaging in advanced kidney cancer

A recent study published in Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network suggests that brain scans should be considered in most patients with metastatic kidney cancer. 1,689 people with metastatic renal cell carcinoma (RCC) had MRI brain scans for entry into clinical trials. Of these, 4% had brain metastases that did not show any symptoms. […]

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NHS England to introduce ‘One Stop Shops’ for life-saving checks

In a major report, the NHS proposing to radically overhaul diagnostic services for patients, including MRI, CT and blood tests. The NHS is to set up diagnostic hubs, or ‘one stop shops’ across the country and away from hospitals. This will enable patients to be diagnosed closer to home. These community centres could be set […]

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Government pledges to overhaul cancer screening

The government has pledged an overhaul of cancer screening to help improve diagnosis and treatment of the disease. The plans are to make £200 million of new funding available for state-of-the-art MRI, CT and breast cancer screening machines to replace the oldest machines with new, cutting-edge technology. More than 300 diagnostic machines will be provided […]

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