Gut microbes linked with immunotherapy response in kidney cancer

A recent study published in European Urology had shown that the diversity of microbes in the gut is associated with better outcomes in people with metastatic renal cell carcinoma (RCC) who are taking immunotherapy. There are numerous bacteria and viruses in the gut, called the microbiome. This gut microbiome is increasingly linked to health and […]

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Bacteria in the gut linked to efficacy of immunotherapy

In this study, the investigators looked at the different types of bacteria found in faeces (the gut microbiome) and compared patients who had received immunotherapy with those who had not to see if there was a difference in outcomes. They also looked at the treatment-related changes in the microbiome over time in patients taking immunotherapy. […]

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Gut bacteria ‘boost’ cancer immunotherapy

Researchers from France and the USA have shown that the bacteria living in our digestive system seem to influence the effectiveness of immunotherapy to shrink tumours. The researchers tested the microbiome of cancer patients. The microbiome is the collection of 10-100 trillion micro-organisms (mostly bacteria) that live in our guts. The two studies, published in […]

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