3D modelling of kidney tumours

Surgeons use three-dimensional (3D) models to improve their understanding of the structure (anatomy) of the kidney. A recent trial published in European Urology Focus last month looked at how 3D modelling could help to predict surgical outcomes after robot-assisted partial nephrectomy. Sixty-nine patients with small renal mass (T1-T2) who were scheduled to have robot-assisted partial […]

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Effect of obesity and being overweight on complications and survival after surgery in kidney cancer patients

A recent study published in the Journal of Endourology this month shows that obese and overweight patients do not experience higher complication rates or worse kidney function after key-hole (laparoscopic) surgery for stage 2 kidney cancer. This surgery can, therefore, be deemed feasible and safe in this group of patients. Nevertheless, obese and overweight patients […]

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