Research suggests that B cells also play a role in the response to immunotherapy

A recent paper published in the journal Nature earlier this year shed some light on why some patients with soft-tissue sarcoma survived longer than others. The researchers expected that it came down to which patients had the most T cells, an immune cell known to contribute to the success of immunotherapy. However, after studying the […]

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Scientists develop new technique to ‘listen in’ on cancer cells

A research study published in Nature Methods has uncovered a new technique to ‘listen in’ to how millions of individual cancer cells are communicating with each other in miniature tumours grown in the laboratory. This research is the first time that scientists have been able to analyse the signalling molecules that cancer cells use to […]

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Scientists discover a part of the immune system that may be used to treat all cancers

Scientists from the University of Cardiff have discovered part of our immune system that could potentially be harnessed to treat all types of cancer. This potential treatment has not yet been tested in humans, but has been shown to kill prostate, breast, lung and other cancers in the laboratory. Researchers suggest that the treatment has […]

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