Get involved: Research to understand what outcomes matter most to patients

Researchers from Aberdeen University are involved in a piece of research to help understand what outcomes matter most to patients living with and beyond kidney cancer, and how COVID-19 has impacted on outcomes they find important. They are now ready to interview patients and would like your help to share the following invitation to patients who […]

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Data-driven approach to personalised care

One of the greatest strengths of the NHS is its comprehensive datasets of the population from birth to death. A recent paper proposes a new model of cancer care and looks at how data could be examined and used at every stage of the treatment journey, from prevention and diagnosis through to treatment and recovery. […]

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How exercise can help cancer patients

This fact sheet, produced by Cancer Therapy Advisor, reviews how physical exercise can help to prolong overall survival and cancer-specific survival, particularly in people with breast and colorectal cancer. Exercise has also been shown to improve quality of life, and symptoms such as fatigue, physical function, mood, and cognitive function for people with cancer. The […]

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Independent think tank compares health outcomes of the NHS with those of other countries

An independent think tank, UK2020, has published a report, The UK Health System: An International Comparison of Health Outcomes, which compares the health outcomes of the NHS with the health outcomes of other countries with national healthcare services. The report found that patients in the UK have substantially lower chances of surviving cancer than patients in other […]

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