Open letter calling on Government to prioritise interests of cancer patients in Brexit negotiations

Kidney Cancer Support Network have come together with 18 other cancer charities to put our names to an open letter to Government. We want Government to prioritise seeking continued alignment with the EU drug licensing process and Clinical Trials Regulation after Brexit. It is hoped this letter will be published in the national press in […]

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Rethinking the communication of clinical trial results

The following article discusses the means by which clinical trial results are communicated to clinicians and patients. The article suggests that if clinical trial results were more quickly and openly accessible, medical improvements would be implemented more swiftly too, and asks what can be done to ease this process? What isn’t working and how can […]

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KCSN Trustee appointed as Cancer Research UK Senior Clinical Advisor in clinical research

Cancer Research UK announces the appointment of Dr James Larkin as a new Senior Clinical Advisor in clinical research. Dr Larkin’s new role aims to accelerate the progress of the charity’s clinical research portfolio. He will also support the charity in helping ensure the UK can continue to participate in clinical trials across Europe after […]

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Cancer patients struggle to understand clinical trials

The results of a survey involving 1090 adult cancer patients suggesting cancer patients struggle to understand what is involved in a clinical trial were presented at the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) 2017 conference in Madrid last week. In the survey, more than half of the patients did not understand the concept of randomisation […]

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Initiation of phase 2 clinical trial of glutaminase inhibitor plus everolimus for renal cell carcinoma

Calithera Biosciences, an American pharmaceutical company focused on developing drugs for the treatment of cancer, has announced the initiation of a randomised phase 2 clinical trial of CB-839, a glutaminase inhibitor, combined with everolimus (Afinitor)‎ in patients with clear cell renal cell carcinoma (RCC). Many cancers are dependent on the nutrient glutamine for growth and […]

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International Clinical Trials Day 20th May 2017

This coming Saturday 20th May is International Clinical Trials Day, which has been held on 20th May each year since 2005 to commemorate the day James Lind started the first clinical trial. The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) are launching a campaign called ‘I Am Research’ to raise awareness of the benefits of research and […]

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