The lives of all these people have been affected by kidney cancer

Some are patients, some are carers, all are real stories by real people. We hope by reading their stories it will help you to understand more about living with kidney cancer.

All these people wanted to share what they had been through since their lives had been affected by kidney cancer. If you would like to share your story also, please email us


  My name is Katy and I am 34 years old. I have a two year old little boy and a loving husband. My kidney cancer journey started in 2016 when I was referred to the hospital with suspected appendicitis following a pain in my side. At the time I underwent scans and was diagnosed […]


My name is Scott and I am 53 years old. I have advanced metastatic stage 4 clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC). I had a radical nephrectomy in July 2019. I have numerous metastases in my lungs and I am undergoing treatment. I failed combination immunotherapy (ipi/nivo), and I am now taking targeted therapy (cabozantinib). […]


In Feb 2008 whilst fooling about with the other half, I felt a sharp pain on the right side of my abdomen between my rib and hip. On further investigation I felt a lump shaped like the top of an egg. A couple of days later, encouraged by my husband, I visited my GP who […]


How important is football in life? As a season ticket holder who attends every home game and most away games, I would have always said it was part of my life and if people didn’t like that then that was their hard luck. On a Saturday I would be at the match end of, even […]


Following diagnosis in 2003 with no symptoms and, as is often the case, when being checked for a different issue, a full left kidney removal carried out. Tumour approximately 7 cm. Monitored at Urology and scanned regularly until approximately three years later when spread to chest was discovered – transferred from Urology to Oncology care. […]


My name is Steve and I am currently 40 years old. I have an amazing wife, Clare, and two wonderful sons, Ernie 6 and Stanley 3. In August 2016, with Clare 14 weeks pregnant with Stanley, I was admitted to hospital with severe stomach pains. I had been back and forth to the doctors and […]


In March 2013 my life was fun and fast paced. Running a fashion design business from home meant never a dull moment for me or my family. My husband Johnny and I had just celebrated 25 years of marriage in London and I was back creating a new collection when I had a rude awakening. […]


My name is Emily, I’m 40 years old and live in Cheshire with my wife. In May last year I started on the keto diet. I mention this, because I have since done some research and found it is possible for tumours to grow on a very low carb, high fat diet. I wonder; did […]


My name is Gemma, and this year my husband Jerry and I will have been married 25 years. I am 64 years old, but my journey began in 2008 when I was 53. We got married in the knot garden in Old Basing House in 1995, as we are English Civil War re-enactors, and have […]


Our story. Firstly, my husband Ricky Casey – my very own hero. Also a Greater Manchester firefighter! Unfortunately, our story doesn’t have the fairytale ending that one imagines when we meet the love of our lives. Ricky asked me to marry him in Spain, September 2017. I was the happiest girl ever. We were busy […]


In November 2017, I’d just started a new job, and after a busy weekend working on a stand at the NEC I had some left side/groin pain – something I’d had earlier in the year but was passed off as ‘one of those things’ by my GP after a urine test. But this time it […]


My name is Mark Heason. I’m now 60 and I was 59 when I found out I had kidney cancer. I’ve been married 35 years and we have two fantastic sons aged 29 and 26. I worked for Lloyds Bank for 35 years, predominantly as a commercial manager and after this I worked for 7 […]


Hi, my name is Andy and I am 30 years old. I have been on my kidney cancer journey for 8 years now. I was diagnosed just a few weeks before my 22nd birthday. My symptoms started aged 21, in 2009. I was fairly fresh out of university and was living with friends in Clapham […]


My kidney cancer story starts by having no symptoms, but a wife who told me to go to the doctors. Mainly because she was getting a disturbed night’s sleep whilst I was peeing for England during the night. So, as all us men do, I duly obliged. I just happened to take a urine sample […]


Kicking off with a bit of personal bio: 61 years old; accountant, retired; married 28 years; 3 kids; 2 grandkids (freshly minted); 2 bolshy dachshunds. In 2010 I went in for an ultrasound scan to investigate a urinary tract infection (UTI), which refused to clear up after the normal antibiotics. Ultrasound identified 2 tumours on […]


My name is Neil, born January 1968, 49 going on 50, and living with my husband. We’ve been together over 19 years, and have a dog, Jay. We got him shortly after my diagnosis to help get me through recovery. My story starts in 2014. One morning in late April, I went to the toilet […]


I was born in mining village in South Yorkshire early in the 1960s. I moved to Sheffield in the 1980s, got married, had kids, had a good job at British Steel. Eventually, I got divorced and met Marie, and we were just starting to enjoy life. No children at home, no mortgage, lots of holidays, […]


I was diagnosed August 6th 2013 with renal cell carcinoma (RCC) at age 59, which came as a total shock to me. The end of 2012 and 2013 was one thing after another for me. After suffering from tachycardia for years and having seen many cardiologists, I was rushed into hospital with a heart rate […]


My name is Ida and I’m currently a stay-at-home mum to my two children, and I live in Leeds. My story begins in December 2013. I had just turned 39 when I started to experience troubling bladder symptoms. I often had the sensation that my bladder was uncomfortably full, but I was unable to empty […]


I found out I had kidney cancer after having an accident on my then trout fishery. We were working on the lake and the boat we were using crashed into my ribs. After a couple of days I went to the hospital as I knew that I had at least a couple of cracked ribs, and […]


My friends call me Dick; I am 61 and married to Babs, my high school girlfriend. We have two sons. Our eldest son, Alistair, died suddenly 22 years ago in an accident in Africa. James our youngest is happily married, with a baby daughter. I am retired now after a career as a landscape architect […]


Sarah was diagnosed with a rare type of kidney cancer (papillary renal cell carcinoma) in 2009 at the age of 32. She very quickly joined the Kidney Cancer Support Network website forum to connect with other patients and find out as much as possible about kidney cancer. Later on and recognising the power of Facebook, […]


Kidney cancer broke my leg”. That’s what I say to anyone who asks me “what happened to you” as I walk around on crutches and I get some strange looks. I was diagnosed with a kidney tumour in 2011 and had a nephrectomy in August that year. The urologist was very confident they had got […]


My name is Charlie and I’m a 46 year old wife and mother living in Gloucester. Before I got KC I worked for the Diocese of Gloucester as a PA to the Director of Mission & Ministry. Before my diagnosis we were living a very mundane life, primarily life revolved around my son Nick and […]


                I am Maria Stepek Doherty, aged 57 at diagnosis with a Grade 4 clear cell tumour on my kidney. Around 2007 I became aware that I was catching every cold and assorted virus and not recovering well. It was not until my regular psychotherapy clients expressed concern […]


Hello, my name is Julie and I am 61. I am married with 2 children and my first grandchild is due in 8 weeks’ time. I had a left nephrectomy to remove a 6.8 cm RCC in 2014; just 4 days before my 60th birthday and I was determined I was not going to spend […]


Hi, my name is Jill Howard, I’m 56 and have worked in banking IT for most of my life. I live alone and am currently taking a break from work and re-training in accountancy. My main hobby is waterskiing. I waterski myself, and am also an International Judge, having judged several World Championships. I also […]


Hi, I’m Rhys Williams and I’m 36, married with two dogs and until recently very active. I am a serving police officer in the West Midlands and would describe myself as extremely fit. I’ve gone through life with barely more than a couple of days being sick, ploughing through swine flu and other viruses like […]


I will start right from the beginning. 2013 – I was 44, mum of one beautiful daughter who was 16 and happily married to Graham of 22 years. Living a very normal life on the Isle of Man, moving from Surrey 6 years previously. I suppose like most people I took my life and health […]

James and Rebecca

KCSN members James and his wife Rebecca have been active members of our KCSN community since James was first diagnosed with kidney cancer. Last year they kindly volunteered to talk about how they are “Living with Cancer” for the Stand up to Cancer Campaign – this is their powerful and touching story. Thank you James […]


To give you a little background, I was diagnosed with KC in May last year. Following a CT scan I was told that there was a thrombus in the inferior vena cava, as well as some local lymph nodes – the surgeon was fairly certain that they would not be able to remove all of the […]


I was diagnosed with renal cancer in October 2010 and had a radical nephrectomy, removal of my right kidney and adrenal gland a couple of weeks later at Ayr Hospital. My story began about 10 weeks after my 2nd son jay was born.  After having constant post-natal problems my doctor referred me for a post-natal […]

Bob and Maz

One Friday in June 2006, Bob had some blood in his urine – yes like the TV advert. He phoned the GP who said to come in on Monday or go to A&E to get some stronger painkillers over the weekend as it was likely to be kidney stones. A trip to A&E ended up […]


I guess few Kidney Cancer victims know exactly when their kidney(s) turned cancerous, but by the time Deric was diagnosed the tumour was over 7cm and appeared to engulf much of his right kidney. 2011 At 63 years old, he started losing weight and became impotent.  He asked our GP for a ‘Well Man Check […]


It was just after Sharon’s 50th birthday in January 2009 that she started getting very bad pains in her right side which she originally put down to over indulging at her birthday. Our GP initially thought it was gallstones and then kidney stones, X-rays showed nothing but an ultrasound showed up a mass that required […]


March 2016. Approaching my 63rd Birthday. Wife Clare, 3 x children in their 30’s. I run an electrical contracting business. Hobbies; gardening, cars, swimming & fine weather kayaking. Spent all of 2012 and up to July 2013 going to the GP with various minor ailments when due to a bad blood test he sent me for […]


My name is Lynne and ten years ago my world was briefly turned upside down when, out of the blue, I received a diagnosis of kidney cancer. I was working full time in a demanding job, was happily married with two sons, aged 12 and 10, and life was very busy but good. When I […]


Hello, inspired by Rose I would like to tell you my story about my journey. I am Liz, 60 years young but in reality going on to about 30. I have worked all my life in the NHS as a Clinical Practitioner. I job that I loved. I used to say that the job was […]


I’m Jasmine, a 35 year-old busy mum of four little boys.  We moved abroad five years ago and I have thrown myself into building a life in our new country, and raising the kids in unfamiliar surroundings and without support of any family. It is a frenetic existence but I am someone who gets bored […]


My name is James  Durkin I am currently 60 years young, I have been married for 32 years and have two sons who we have successfully brought into adult hood without too much drama. I have a grandson who is 7 years old and is a  delight to us all, being a grandparent is a […]


My name is Alison and I was 49 when I was first diagnosed with kidney cancer. How did you find out that you had kidney cancer? 2  years prior to my diagnosis I was getting breathless so my GP sent me for a chest Xray. This showed that I had an enlarged heart. Further tests […]


I was diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma in July 2007, at the age of 59 after blood tests and an MRI scan following breast pains, an unusual presentation. I had a right nephrectomy for pT3bN0M1 Grade 111 renal cell carcinoma.  I later developed suspected metastatic disease by the time of the follow up CT scan […]