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Our community is a place for all kidney cancer patients, survivors, carers and family members to come together to talk about their experiences and share information. By joining our network you will immediately become part of an active and caring community; one which we all understand because we know exactly what you are going through.

The Internet can be a powerful force for good, and because we use it responsibly, a patient-led network such as ours can provide a way for people to come together. We can pool our knowledge and insights, and share unique experiences of kidney cancer so that other people can identify with each other, and draw strength and hope. We believe passionately that by reaching out to each other and sharing our knowledge, we can support one another in a way that was previously impossible prior to the Internet.

This is what our members say:

“I was diagnosed with metastatic KC having been told and believing for 3 years that I was all clear post nephrectomy. For a few months I just did as I was told and took the sunitinib as recommended. I had joined a number of other website forums, but had a limited response and no real help, then a chance referral by another member lead me to join the Kidney Cancer Support Network (KCSN) and it was a revelation. Suddenly I was not alone, I could ask any question I wanted and get instant useful responses and real support in the difficult times. I have gone from complete ignorance to being knowledgeable on all things KC, entirely as a result of being part of the KCSN. I’ve also made new friends, both remote and face-to-face through the Kidney Cancer Support Network. It is the only place to go for support for anyone with kidney cancer.”


“I am a carer! I was scared and felt alone! I didn’t know what was going on. Someone on Macmillan site suggested the Kidney Cancer Support Network. I joined! This is now my family! People with honest answers and support unconditionally! I wouldn’t have got through this without the 24:7 support from this amazing group.

Please join us and be part of our community, share experiences, information and knowledge, and help us make a real difference to everyone affected by kidney cancer.

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