The day before World Kidney Cancer Day, Carl Amoscato and Sharon Kell visited Eisai, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies pioneering new treatments to fight kidney cancer. During their visit they took part in a staff Lunch and Learn meeting, including a tombola, raffle and photo booth in aid of World Kidney Cancer Day.

Sharon gave an introduction to the work of the Kidney Cancer Support Network and the support services offered to kidney cancer patients and their families. Carl shared his kidney cancer journey, from diagnosis to treatment, to help employees see the disease from a patient’s perspective.

Carl summarised his experience at Eisai as follows: “My visit to Eisai with Sharon was enjoyable and enlightening. This was my first time speaking in public about my experience with kidney cancer, so I was feeling my way through, trying to give people a sense of what it is like to have cancer without making them depressed in the middle of their work day. I was helped in this by the fact that, thus far, my treatment has been going pretty well, so I was able to talk about the future of kidney cancer treatment with a sense of hope.”

The day was a great success; there were over 70 employees at the Lunch and Learn and nearly £300 was raised for World Kidney Cancer Day. A big THANK YOU to all Eisai employees who took part.

KCSN partners with the pharmaceutical industry, research institutes, hospitals and clinics to improve understanding of the kidney cancer patient journey and to highlight the various issues faced by patients during their care and treatment. Our goal is that this collaborative approach between patients and professionals will eventually lead to a more patient-centred approach to the care and treatment pathway for kidney cancer, so that patients become more involved in shared decisions about their treatment options.

Please contact Rose or Julia for support, information or a friendly person to chat to on our confidential helpline 01209 890326, or join our closed FaceBook group to meet and chat with over 1000 kidney cancer patients and carers.

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