Novel HIF-2a inhibitor for patients with advanced kidney cancer

In this interview with Practice Update, Dr Eric Jonasch from MD Anderson Cancer Center in the USA talks about the the novel hypoxia inducible factor (HIF)-2 alpha inhibitor for the treatment of previously treated advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC).

Dr Jonasch described how HIF-2 alpha works and then went on to talk about the results of the first clinical trial with this treatment. Fifty-five (55) patients were enrolled in phase 1b/2, single-arm study. All patients had prior treatment for advanced RCC and their cancer had progressed. The primary endpoints were objective response rate and progression-free survival. The patients in the study were heavily pretreated; they had a median of three prior therapies, so this was a population that needed something to help shrink their disease. They showed an objective response rate of 24% and a progression-free survival of 11 months, which is remarkable for a third-line treatment.

A phase III study comparing the HIF-2 alpha inhibitor to everolimus in pretreated patients with advanced RCC is in planning. HIF-2 alpha inhibitor could also be used to complement immunotherapy.

Watch the video interview on Practice Update here


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