Local and regional recurrences of localised kidney cancer after nephrectomy

In this study 15 years of data from a single hospital were assessed to look at the outcomes of people who had had surgery for localised renal cell carcinoma (RCC). Of the 1895 people who were assessed, 30 (1.6%) had a single local recurrence of their cancer without distant spread (metastases). In total, 26 of […]

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Percutaneous microwave ablation of small renal masses

Percutaneous microwave ablation uses thin needle-like electrodes that are passed through the skin (percutaneous) into the tumour to kill the cancer cells with microwaves. This is usually done under the guidance of ultrasound imaging. During this observational study the short- and long-term outcomes of 113 patients who had microwave ablation for small renal masses (stage […]

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Information about COVID-19 vaccines from the ABPI

The pharmaceutical industry is dedicated to developing effective vaccines that benefit people’s health, the economy and society. Vaccination has saved more lives and prevented more serious diseases than any other advance in recent medical history. It has also enabled the economy to thrive and reduced the burden on the NHS. COVID-19 has shone a spotlight […]

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Risk of blood clots in cancer patients receiving immunotherapy

A recent study published in Blood has suggested that cancer patients who are being treated with immunotherapy, in particular immune checkpoint inhibitors are at high risk for blood clots (thromboembolism), especially blood clots in veins (venous thromboembolism). Although, the study does not show a causal link between immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy and blood clots. The […]

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Role of nephrectomy for metastatic kidney cancer in the immunotherapy era

Three phase III clinical trials (Keynote 426, Checkmate 9ER and Checkmate 214) assessing first-line treatment with immunotherapy in metastatic renal cell carcinoma (RCC) compared to sunitinib were analysed for patients who had prior nephrectomy compared to those who did not. Patients who had prior nephrectomy had a longer time before the immunotherapy stopped working and […]

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EIKCS 2021: Future treatments for metastatic kidney cancer

Despite the advances in first-line treatments for metastatic renal cell carcinoma (RCC) over the past few years, new treatments are on the horizon. In a presentation at the European International Kidney Cancer (EIKC) 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting, Dr Hans Hammers from University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in the USA discussed future treatments for metastatic […]

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