Welcome to the KCSN Newsroom

At the KCSN, we like to make sure that you are kept up-to-date with the latest developments in the search for new treatments for kidney cancer, as well as information about the ever changing landscape with respect to access to cancer drugs, and general information about the causes, diagnosis and care of people with kidney cancer.

Here you will find the latest kidney cancer news taken from articles published on the internet. You can search for articles by using the archive, which lists all news items posted in a particular month, and the tags, which searches for articles by keyword, for example if you click on ‘sunitinib’, all the posts that mention sunitinib will be listed.

We also have a guest blogger who writes about their experiences of living with kidney cancer, and each month we will publish an opinion piece written by a key opinion leader in the field of kidney cancer. This month’s opinion piece asks ‘How close are we to curing cancer’ and was written by one of KCSN’s trustees, Professor Charles Swanton, medical oncologist at UCL Hospital in London.

Finally, the last section of the newsroom holds back copies of the KCSN Newsletter. The newsletters are written by a team of volunteer patients and carers, and contain a wealth of information about living with kidney cancer. They are written in patient-friendly language and include patient stories, ‘handy hints’ about kidney cancer, fundraising activities, and articles from the experts.