NICE kidney cancer guidance

The following guidance documents are available via the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) website.

The guidance documents have been written for healthcare professionals, and some of the wording might be difficult to understand; however, they will give you good background information to the treatments currently available for kidney cancer (renal cell carcinoma, RCC).


NICE interventional procedure guidance:


NICE guidelines:


Please note: The guidelines for improving outcomes in urological cancers (CSG2) are extremely out-of-date and new guidelines are desperately needed. We are in the early stages of working with NICE to ensure updated guidelines are put in place.


NICE quality standards:


NICE technology appraisal guidance (for more information about NICE technology appraisals, please visit our Kidney Cancer Treatments page):


In development:


Some of the treatments have not been approved by NICE and are not routinely available in NHS England, however. These are:


The NICE pathway for the treatment of renal cancer can be found here:


Related national policy on the treatment of urological cancers and cancer in general can be found at the following links:


If you need any help finding your way around these guidelines, guidance documents and policies, please email us.