Information hub

The information hub contains a wealth of information about kidney cancer.

There are pages about the diagnosis, treatment, and care of kidney cancer patients, with links to some useful websites. Our information pages are set out as a list of frequently asked question (FAQs), which provide help and support with answers to some of the more common questions that kidney cancer patients and their families ask.

A page dedicated to access to treatments can give you some advice on how to get the treatment you need. This includes information about the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF), Individual Funding Requests (IFRs), clinical trials, named-patient supplies, and compassionate use/expanded access programmes.

There are kidney cancer fact sheets that have been written by patients, for patients; these offer useful hints and tips directly from patients and carers who have experienced a diagnosis and treatment of kidney cancer. These fact sheets might also provide answers to some of your questions, which may make your diagnosis a little easier.

There is a useful glossary of terms that you may come across during your discussions with your GP or healthcare team at the hospital. These are written in plain English to help you understand the terminology and jargon that is often used.

Finally, there is a page of useful links to other websites that we hope you will find interesting and will provide you with information and advice outside the content of this website. If you come across a website that you find particularly useful for kidney cancer patients and their families, please email us to let us know about it.


Our website provides general information only, and none of the information contained within our site shall be deemed to constitute medical advice in any way. You should seek appropriate medical advice or guidance from your doctor or health care team in relation to any medical condition.