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We have created a knowledge forum; an online library of kidney cancer books, leaflets, blogs, articles, research papers and all things connected with kidney cancer.

This is a place for patients and carers to share knowledge, experiences and information to help others cope with the day-to-day reality of living with kidney cancer.

The forum started 10 years ago. In this time we have amassed a huge amount of information from patients, carers and anyone affected by kidney cancer. We know how valuable patient-to-patient experiences are and our forum allows you to share that knowledge to help others in a similar situation.

The forum is divided into helpful sections, such as treatments for kidney cancer, where you can read about surgery, radiotherapy or drugs. We have an area for patients recently diagnosed, a section dedicated to the side effects of different treatments, and a section about clinical trials. Plus many more topics!

Every post contributes to a growing body of information; please join us and help us continue to build this unique online kidney cancer resource to help kidney cancer patients now and in the future.

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