How to use the KCSN Community Map

Our KCSN Community Map shows where kidney cancer patients and carers live. Click on the pins on the map to find people near you. To appear on the map yourself, register to join the KCSN Community.

The KCSN Community Map appears by default in the map format. If you go to the top left hand corner of the map, you will see a white box with the words ‘map’ and ‘satellite’. Click on ‘satellite’ to get the satellite image. Click on ‘map’ to take you back to map format.

If you move your curser across to the bottom right of the map, you will find a box with + on the top and – on the bottom. Click on the + to zoom in closer to the area you want to see, and click on the – to zoom out. Click and drag the map to position it in the box to show the area of the country you are interested in. By zooming in, the pins will space out to enable you to identify individual pins. It maybe that there are several people in the KCSN in your area, and this won’t be apparent until you use the zoom feature to get closer.


Hover your cursor over a pin to find a username; you will be able to find that user on the Knowledge Forum and send a private message to them.