In November 2017, I’d just started a new job, and after a busy weekend working on a stand at the NEC I had some left side/groin pain – something I’d had earlier in the year but was passed off as ‘one of those things’ by my GP after a urine test. But this time it […]


Sarah was diagnosed with a rare type of kidney cancer (papillary renal cell carcinoma) in 2009 at the age of 32. She very quickly joined the Kidney Cancer Support Network website forum to connect with other patients and find out as much as possible about kidney cancer. Later on and recognising the power of Facebook, […]


To give you a little background, I was diagnosed with KC in May last year. Following a CT scan I was told that there was a thrombus in the inferior vena cava, as well as some local lymph nodes – the surgeon was fairly certain that they would not be able to remove all of the […]


I was diagnosed with renal cancer in October 2010 and had a radical nephrectomy, removal of my right kidney and adrenal gland a couple of weeks later at Ayr Hospital. My story began about 10 weeks after my 2nd son jay was born.  After having constant post-natal problems my doctor referred me for a post-natal […]

Bob and Maz

One Friday in June 2006, Bob had some blood in his urine – yes like the TV advert. He phoned the GP who said to come in on Monday or go to A&E to get some stronger painkillers over the weekend as it was likely to be kidney stones. A trip to A&E ended up […]


I guess few Kidney Cancer victims know exactly when their kidney(s) turned cancerous, but by the time Deric was diagnosed the tumour was over 7cm and appeared to engulf much of his right kidney. 2011 At 63 years old, he started losing weight and became impotent.  He asked our GP for a ‘Well Man Check […]


My name is James  Durkin I am currently 60 years young, I have been married for 32 years and have two sons who we have successfully brought into adult hood without too much drama. I have a grandson who is 7 years old and is a  delight to us all, being a grandparent is a […]