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We are the UK’s largest and most active patient-led kidney cancer charity. Whether you are a patient, survivor or someone you know has been diagnosed with kidney cancer, you have come to the right place to find support and information, and to be part of a caring and knowledgeable community of people: We are here to help you.

The KCSN has been supporting kidney cancer patients and carers since 2006. We are a very special type of charity. We are all cancer patients or carers to people with kidney cancer, and we provide a very special type of support because we know just what you are going through.

The KCSN has many hundreds of members across the UK whose lives have been affected by kidney cancer; we share our experiences and we support and care about each other. You can find out more about who we are and how we support each other by reading our About Us page.

Looking for a clinical trial?

Using our powerful Clinical Trials Database, you can search and find kidney cancer clinical trials near you. This could help you access new and innovative treatments, as well as help future generations of kidney cancer patients and their families.

The database is easy to use and you can search for a clinical trial using key words/phrases, your town or postcode, type of trial (drug, surgery, observational), kidney cancer subtype, drug name, or status of trial (open, closed or in planning). Each trial entry is written in patient-friendly English.

Take a look in our Clinical Trials Hub and learn about clinical trials, access the database and read personal accounts about taking part from fellow patients who share their experiences.

Help us to help others

There are lots of ways you can help us to help others: Fundraising can really make a difference to our work as a charity. Not only does it raise essential funds, but it helps raise the profile of kidney cancer. Visit our Support Us pages for ideas. You can also help by getting involved through volunteering, becoming a patient advocate or joining a KCSN event. Visit our Get Involved pages for more information.

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Learn more about kidney cancer

Go to our Information Hub to find out everything to do with kidney cancer. Learn about treatment options, access to treatments, living with kidney cancer, managing side effects, and much more. Find NICE guidelines and NHS policies, patient 2 patient help sheets, our kidney cancer glossary and some useful links to other websites. Be sure of getting friendly advice and accurate information in patient friendly language.

Information Hub

Please get in touch – we are here to help

You can phone our kidney cancer helpline for a confidential one-2-one talk with another cancer patient. Or if you prefer, please email us directly with any kidney cancer-related questions. You don’t have to face kidney cancer alone; we can help by offering friendship, support and by sharing experiences, because together we are stronger.

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